Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ally turns 6!

For Ally's 6th birthday all she wanted was a slumber party like Emily had. Good thing by slumber party she meant just her very best friend Isabella spending the night! Above are the two of them at Red Robin. They have been friends since they were born, they are exactly one month apart.
They insisted on a picture with the statue of liberty.
She was super excited to get a Claire's gift card and she got to go right after dinner and pic some things out with the help of Bella. There were some interesting makeovers later that night.
Emily, at dinner, doing what Emily does best.
Nana makes the best sailor hats out of paper menus.

Ally being sung to by the Red Robin staff. She was so excited for this part. She asked me 3 times when they were going to come and sing to her. Nate got into it too. I think he was half wanting to join in and half freaked out. He's clapping, but looks suspicious.
Ally really wanted a new bike. We usually try to hand down bikes but Ally is the same size bike as Emily currently is so she needed a new one.

Ally is huge on ice cream and not so much on cake so for the second year in a row, we did ice cream. I thought they looked cute, and as you'll see below, they were a huge hit!

Opening gifts!
Ally had a really nice birthday and it was super simple and easy for me. I always feel kind of guilty because by the time we get through the holidays and slew of early Jan bday's in our family, I'm kind of celebrated out and Ally gets really small parties every year. But I am so thankful that she thinks it is all amazing and special. She is such a joy to parent. So easy going and quick to please. She is a dream. I'm thankful to get to share my birthday with such a sweet girl!


Jenni said...

She really is a sweet girl, just the right combination of sweet and spicy. Love that girl but we need to freeze frame these kids, it's going too fast!

Beverly said...

How fun it looks! She is growing up so fast! And she takes after her grandma--I'd rather have ice cream any day of the week! :) Those ice cream treats look so cute! And Nate---good grief! He looks so grown up!

Littau family said...

Nate has really turned a corner. He's talking a lot and in full sentences. He's calmed down a lot from the flurry of destruction he was before and he's just a sweet happy little boy!

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Rachmad Imam Tarecha said...

They are twin? @.@

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