Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ally turns 6!

For Ally's 6th birthday all she wanted was a slumber party like Emily had. Good thing by slumber party she meant just her very best friend Isabella spending the night! Above are the two of them at Red Robin. They have been friends since they were born, they are exactly one month apart.
They insisted on a picture with the statue of liberty.
She was super excited to get a Claire's gift card and she got to go right after dinner and pic some things out with the help of Bella. There were some interesting makeovers later that night.
Emily, at dinner, doing what Emily does best.
Nana makes the best sailor hats out of paper menus.

Ally being sung to by the Red Robin staff. She was so excited for this part. She asked me 3 times when they were going to come and sing to her. Nate got into it too. I think he was half wanting to join in and half freaked out. He's clapping, but looks suspicious.
Ally really wanted a new bike. We usually try to hand down bikes but Ally is the same size bike as Emily currently is so she needed a new one.

Ally is huge on ice cream and not so much on cake so for the second year in a row, we did ice cream. I thought they looked cute, and as you'll see below, they were a huge hit!

Opening gifts!
Ally had a really nice birthday and it was super simple and easy for me. I always feel kind of guilty because by the time we get through the holidays and slew of early Jan bday's in our family, I'm kind of celebrated out and Ally gets really small parties every year. But I am so thankful that she thinks it is all amazing and special. She is such a joy to parent. So easy going and quick to please. She is a dream. I'm thankful to get to share my birthday with such a sweet girl!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Emily's 9th birthday

On Emily's actual 9th birthday she had performance at Barne's and Nobles. Her school offers what's called music appreciation. She goes twice a week at 7:15 a.m. and they teach them to sing, read music and play the recorder. When Mike and I heard she was getting a recorder we didn't expect much but a bunch of squeaks but it actually sounded really good. Especially since they didn't get them until October. Above is Emily in her "concert" clothes.
Here is the happy audience.

Emily and her good friend from school.
Oh my goodness, so grown up looking. How did that happen?
After her performance, nana and papa came over to give her their gift since Emily was having a very girly slumber party, papa wasn't coming and wanted to see her open it.
It was a telescope. She's been DYING for one. My little science girl. Saved all her money for a microscope then promptly put a telescope on her radar. I think she's content for now.
Emily at her birthday party.
My mom made Emily her favorite cake, white with 7 min. frosting. It was very pretty and had her favorite color, red, all over it.
The goody bags for the girls. Emily wanted a makeover party. Funny enough, by the time we got through the birthday events, it was movie time and they only spent about 5 min putting make up on, but they had fun.
Emily and one of her guests, Ava. Such beautiful girls!
Emily's grandma and papa John got her these. She lOVED them. She insisted on bringing a pen and the notebook on the limo ride so she could document everything.
The girls in the limo!! So much fun! So crazy and loud and amazing. From left to right, Leah, Tessa, Ava, Dejah (hidden), Emily and Molly.
The "forced to go" chaperons. Is that champagne for the adults in those cups? Why yes, yes it is!
My poor mom. She had the window seat and everyone took turns hanging out when we got to a street with lights. I think Leah spent the majority of the time there.
Blowing out the candles!

We are so proud of Emily. She has come a long way in her life. She is such a happy, easy going girl who has a passion for learning and reading and writing. She is what I call my "go to girl" because when I need a hand she always immediately says yes. So helpful with four kids. She skipped a grade this year, went from 2nd to 4th and never batted an eyelash. I was so nervous for her both academically and socially but she proved how ready she was. The teacher said she would have never known she skipped a grade if they hadn't told her and that she is easily the top in the class. I wish I had that brain. She definitely got it from daddy. And she's made some really good friends this year. I am so happy for her. God truly blessed us with Emily! Love that girl and am so excited to see where God's taking her in the coming years.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

A look back at Rylee's 4 years

Rylee is four! I can't believe how fast it's gone. I always have to do my "look back" post when my kids have a birthday. So here she is at 4...

Here is her 3rd birthday!

Big number 2.
Her first birthday! She's so sweet!
And her first birthday ever, the day she was born! All 7lb 9 oz. of fun!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Championship 2011 San Francisco

This year we had Championship in San Francisco. It was kind of disappointing to be going to California again, but it ended up being a really fun trip. We started at the Giants Stadium with a Giants vs. A's game. It was a great game that we won in overtime.

Then we headed downtown to the Hilton and checked into the events. This year Farmers had a nascar they sponsored and it was there for us to see. Not really much of a Nascar fan, but it was cool to see.The second night we were there was the black tie night. Here is Mike's championship ring, now with 5 diamonds, he gets one for every year he makes Championship. This thing only comes out a couple times a year...not exactly fashionable. Looks like he just graduated from high school.
On the third day of the convention, we get to choose an excursion that farmers sponsors. This year we chose Alcatraz. It was really fun. We could have spent more than the 2 hours we had before catching the ferry for lunch. Here I am with my Red Bull before we got on the boat. Mike got me hooked after buying me one at Dutch Bros with a flavor added.
Waiting to get on the ferry.
In line to get on the Ferry...I have my ticket ready.
View from the ferry as we come up.
It's actually a very beautiful island in some parts. They really keep up the gardens along the hillside very nicely.
A few of the notorious inmates who lived in Alcatraz.
On the audio tour. It was really cool. You could stop and start the tour as needed. So we were able to take our time. And it was given by actual guards and inmates which was kind of cool since they lived and worked there.
I think this is a view of the living quarters for families of the prison guards. They actually had the families live there, which was crazy. One lady came on during the audio tour and described life there as a tight, fun community where they felt very safe. That amazes me since the only inmates who came to Alcatraz were the ones who couldn't behave in other prisons.
On the last day, we had some free time so we went with some friends to China Town. It was really neat. We found what looked to be a somewhat safe place to eat and had some egg rolls, pot stickers, and some other stuff I wasn't so sure about. Then we found where they make fortune cookies. It was in this ally..
Here is the lady making the cookies. You could buy regular, chocolate, mixed, or even the flat ones. I loved the flat ones. The place they made them looked like a big closet...very tight quarters.
The last night was American Idol night. Below are Mike, myself and our friends Alli and Robert. So thankful to have gotten to know them over the last few years. Not a lot of people make it from our area.
After the events were over, we made one more game before coming home. We had amazing seats, right behind home plate row A. Seriously close. It was awesome. Great game even though we lost.
I'll leave you with a look at these man's pants. He is an ultra fan. I don't think I could do that!

Next year....Naples Florida!!! Yay. Can't wait to hit the east coast.